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Invitation to participate in ARC study on therapeutic use of autologous stem cells (ASCs) in Australia

You are invited to take part in an Australian Research Council (ARC) funded project about the therapeutic use of autologous stem cell therapies (ASCs) in Australia.
This project combines empirical research (workshops and interviews) and theoretical analysis, with the aim of developing an ethical and socially sustainable regulatory environment for innovation of ASC therapies in Australia.
You have been invited to participate in the workshop phase of this study because of your interest, as a health consumer, in the issue of ASCs.
It is important that your views are taken into consideration when developing the regulatory framework.
The study is being carried out by the following researchers:
·     Prof Cameron Stewart, Chief Investigator, University of Sydney
·     Dr Tereza Hendl, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sydney
·     Professor Ian Kerridge, Investigator, University of Sydney
·     Professor Catherine Waldby, Investigator, Australian National University
·     A/Professor Megan Munsie, Investigator, University of Melbourne
·     Dr Wendy Lipworth, Investigator, University of Sydney
·     A/Professor Tamra Lysaght, Partner Investigator, National University of Singapore
If you agree to participate, please contact Dr Tereza Hendl at and you will be invited to a workshop.
During the workshop, you will be invited to discuss ethical and legal issues regarding therapeutic use of autologous ASCs. The workshop will last three hours and will involve 10-20 representatives from stakeholder groups, such as: patients, their carers and families.

The workshops are scheduled as follows: 
For health professionals
Sydney         Monday November 21, 9 am - 12:30 pm (with a tea break at 10-10:30 and lunch at 12-12:30)
Melbourne   Monday November 28, 9 am - 12:30 pm (with a tea break at 10-10:30 and lunch at 12-12:30)
For patients, carers and family members
Sydney        Monday November 211-4 pm (with tea breaks)
Melbourne   Monday November 281-4 pm (with tea breaks) 

Download the Participant Information Statement for Health Consumers

Prior to the workshop you will obtain a short policy brief with an overview of the therapeutic use of autologous ASC therapies in Australia and related ethical and legal challenges. This policy brief will serve as a starting point for discussion in the workshop.

Topics to be explored will include: 1) Are there any challenges caused by the lack of regulation of the use of ASC therapies? If so, what are they? 2) Should any areas of ASC therapies or innovation be exempt from regulation? 3) Should ASC therapies be offered as part of clinical trials and what are the best accessibility criteria?

You might wish to participate in a one-hour interview rather than in the workshop. If so, please email Dr Tereza Hendl at, and we will send you information about the interview phase of the study.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact Dr Tereza Hendl at,+61450400230 or Professor Cameron Stewart using the contact details below.

Dr Tereza Hendl
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine
Medical Foundation Building (K25)
University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia
+61 450 400 230
Professor Cameron Stewart
Professor of Health, Law and Ethics
Sydney Law School
Rm 540, New Law Building
The University of Sydney NSW 2006
+61 2 9351 0250
+61 2 9351 0211
+61 481 003 587

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