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Create an MND Care Pathway for your health team/ health area

Just as there is no recipe for managing MND, as no two individuals have exactly the same symptoms, rate and course of symptom progression, Australia has no consistent, established procedure for managing MND clients.

Individual health areas vary considerably in the resources/services available and the management of people with MND can be fluid over time.

One of the principle objectives of MND Australia is to lobby for a universal protocol for managing people with MND throughout Australia.

In the meantime it can be useful for individual teams/health areas to devise an MND care pathway that works for them. This has been the situation in the UK. Follow this link to see examples on the MND UK web site.

When you have compiled an MND care pathway for your team (health area) and if you are happy to share it please send a copy to MND Australia. This will help other teams and provide additional material for our advocacy process.

The resources/services outlined in the Referral Pathway section of the web site and the web page summarising the MND Care approach will provide guidance in this process.

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