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About MNDcare

MNDcare assists Australian health professionals and community care workers to help people living with motor neurone disease to live better for longer.

MNDcare is a web-based tool developed to get evidence based and best practice motor neurone disease care research into practice.

  • promotes a process of regular, timely review and assessment of needs
  • provides evidence based and best practice motor neurone disease information
  • provides links to further related resources, for both the professional and the person living with MND
  • provides referral pathways for each identified need to assist with referral to the appropriate provider or service as soon as the need is identified.

Statement on sources of literature for MNDcare

There is no ‘recipe’ for managing MND, however, best practice information constitutes an effective tool for health professionals in managing clients with MND.
Research is evolving rapidly in the area of MND care and this web site endeavours to keep clinicians ‘up to date’ with developments related to MND care, therapies, interventions and guidelines.
Where evidence is not available then best practice information has been sourced from information published or presented by experts and people experienced in MND care management.
189 titles have been sourced for this web site and grouped according to:
  1. Systematic Reviews
  2. Reviews
  3. Randomized Controlled Trial as Topic
  4. Remainder
Group 1 literature, Systematic Reviews (n = 24) constitute the primary source for the MND Care web site.
If interventions, treatments or needs are not addressed in Group 1 papers, papers in Group 2 (n=76), then Group 3 (n=6), then Group 4 (n=83) have been accessed for content.  
Some contents have been sourced from papers presented at the most recent 20th International Symposium on ALS/MND - held in Berlin, Germany, 8-10 December 2009.
Finally, existing MND Australia publications, such as Motor Neurone Disease, A Problem Solving Approach, endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and Motor Neurone Disease More Facts, approved by the Australian Association of Neurologists, have been used as primary sources.
The Project Expert Review Panel contributes to and or/reviews Best Practice information.  
('n' = the number of publications in each category)

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